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Protocol Manual: Individual Files

Protocol Table of Contents 03/01/13 (PDF)

Protocols Revision Summary 03/01/13 (PDF)


P-001 Primary Assessment 01/01/11 (PDF)

P-002 Secondary Assessment 01/01/11 (PDF)

P-003 Abdominal Pain 01/07/13 (PDF)

P-004 Airway Management 03/01/13 (PDF)

P-004.1 Oral Endotracheal Intubation 01/07/13 (PDF)

P-004.2 Supraglottic Airway 03/01/13 (PDF)

P-004.3 Nasotracheal Intubation 01/01/11 (PDF)

P004.4 Needle Cricothyroidostomy02/01/04 (PDF)

P-004.5 Pulse Oximetry 01/07/13 (PDF)

P-004.6 Needle Thoracostomy 01/07/13 (PDF)

P-004.7 Continuous Positive Pressures (CPAP) 01/01/11 (PDF)

P-005 Allergic Reaction 07/01/02 (PDF)

P-006 Altered Mental Status 01/07/13 (PDF)

P-007 Bites and Stings 07/01/02 (PDF)

P-008 Burns 01/01/11 (PDF)

P-009 Cardiac Arrest: General 01/01/13 (PDF)

P-009.1 Cardiac Arrest: Asystole 07/01/02 (PDF)

P-009.2 Cardiac Arrest: PEA 07/01/02 (PDF)

P-009.3 Cardiac Arrest: VT- VF 01/01/11 (PDF)

P-009.4 Post Cardiac Arrest / ROSC 01/07/13 (PDF)

P-010 Chest Pain / Acute Coronary Syndrome 01/07/13 (PDF)

P-010.1 12-Lead ECG 01-07-2013 (PDF)

P-011 Childbirth 01/01/11 (PDF)

P-012 Decompression Illness 07/01/02 (PDF)

P-013 Drowning 01/01/11 (PDF)

P-014 Dysrhythmias: Overview 07/01/02 (PDF)

P-014.1 Dysrhythmias: Bradycardia 01/01/11 (PDF)

P-014.3 Dysrhythmias: Narrow Complex Tachycardia 01/07/13 (PDF)

P-014.4 Dysrhythmias: Wide Complex Tachycardia 01/07/13 (PDF)

P-015 Gynecological Emergencies 07/01/02 (PDF)

P-016 Hazardous Materials 01/01/11 (PDF)

P-017 Hyperthermia 07/01/02 (PDF)

P-018 Hypothermia 07/01/02 (PDF)

P-019 Pain Control 01/07/13 (PDF)

P-020 Adult Poisoning & Overdose 01/07/13 (PDF)

P-021.1 Respiratory Distress: Acute Pulmonary Edema 09/01/11 (PDF)

P-021.2 Respiratory Distress: Bronchospasm 01/07/13 (PDF)

P-022 Seizures 09/01/11 (PDF)

P-023 Snakebite 07/01/02 (PDF)

P-024 Stroke 01/07/13 (PDF)

P-025 Suspected Sepsis 01/07/13 (PDF)


P-030 - General Trauma Overview 01/01/11 (PDF)

P-031 - Traumatic Cardiac Arrest 01/01/11 (PDF)

P-032 - Chest and Abdominal Trauma 01/01/11 (PDF)

P-033 - Adult Extremity Trauma 01/07/13 (PDF)

P-034 - Head, Neck and Facial Trauma 01/01/11 (PDF)


P-040 Pediatric Allergic Reaction 01/01/11 (PDF)

P-041 Pediatric Altered Mental Status 09/01/06 (PDF)

P-041.1 Pediatric Apparent Life Threatening Event 05/15/10 (PDF)

P-042 Pediatric Burns 11/01/11 (PDF)

P-043.1 Pediatric Dysrhythmias: Bradycardia 09/01/06 (PDF)

P-043.2 Pediatric Dysrhythmias: Tachycardia 09/01/11 (PDF)

P-044.1 Pediatric Cardiac Arrest: Neonatal Resuscitation 01/01/11 (PDF)

P-044.2 Pediatric Cardiac Arrest: Bradyasystole & PEA 02/01/05 (PDF)

P-044.3 Pediatric Cardiac Arrest: VF / Pulseless VT 01/01/11 (PDF)

P-045 Pediatric Poisoning and Overdose 01/01/11 (PDF)

P-046 Pediatric Respiratory Distress 09/01/06 (PDF)

P-047 Pediatric Seizures 09/01/11 (PDF)

P-048 Pediatric Shock 07/01/02 (PDF)

P-049 Pediatric Trauma 01/01/11 (PDF)


P-050 Assault / Abuse 01/07/13 (PDF)

7.11 Spinal Motion Restriction 11/08/15 (PDF)

P-052.1 Vascular Access with Intraosseous Device 01/07/13 (PDF)

P-052.2 Vascular Access with Pre-Existing Vascular Access Device 01/07/13 (PDF)

P-053 ADULT Agitated / Violent Patient 09/01/11 (PDF)

P-054 PEDI Agitated / Violent Patient 09/01/11 (PDF)


P-100 Austere Care Protocol 01/01/11 (PDF)

P-101 Crush Syndrome 09/01/09 (PDF)

P-102 Special Circumstances Protocols 01/07/13 (PDF)


P-200 CCT-P: Nitroglycerin Infusion 01/07/13 (PDF)

P-201 CCT-P: Heparin Infusion  01/07/13 (PDF)

P-202 CCT-P: Potassium Chloride Infusion 01/07/13 (PDF)

P-203 - CCT-P: Amiodarone Infusion 01/07/13 (PDF)

P-204 deleted

P-205 CCT-P: Thoracostomy Tube 01/07/13 (PDF)

P-206 CCT-P: Tracheostomy Care 01/07/13 (PDF)

P-207 CCT-P: Chemical Sedation for Ventilator Dependent and Agitated Patients 01/07/13 (PDF)

P-208 CCT-P: Automatic Transport Ventilators 01/07/13 (PDF)

P-209 CCT-P: Blood & Blood Products Infusion 01/07/13 (PDF)

P-210 CCT-P: Glycoprotein IIb/IIIa Receptor Inhibitors 01/07/13 (PDF)

P-211 CCT-P: Total Parental Nutrition Infusion 01/07/13 (PDF)

P-212 CCT-P: Morphine Infusion 01/07/13 (PDF)

P-213 CCT-P: Midazolam Infusion 01/07/13 (PDF)


Appendix I: Medication Glossary 01/07/13 (PDF)

Appendix II: Protocol Abbreviation List 01/01/11 (PDF)

Appendix III: Pediatric Dosage Chart 09/01/11 (PDF)

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